Developing Your Own Vision Board

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I had lunch with a former colleague and now friend a few months back.  We were talking about how to help people achieve their goals, how any of us gets to a place that fulfills us.  She kindly suggested that I take a look at Vision Boards, and see if I could use them to help my clients (current and future) achieve their goals.

I did some research and I really liked what I found:

  • I have always loved the idea of incorporating drawing into my coaching approach.  Vision Boards seemed like a missing link for me.  I can use words, as well as photos, drawing and graphics, to create my ‘What Matters’ story in an even more powerful way.
  • I was also reminded of a quote I had seen ‘Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change’.  The vision board makes it easier to understand the changes you need to make and in turn gives you encouragement to take action.

My friend encouraged me to think about a group workshop to apply these ideas.  I had been looking for a vehicle to do group coaching (outside of a team context), and this seemed to match up to what I was looking for.  I now have the workshop ready to go – and here is the essence of the workshop:

  • PURPOSE – Enable you to live the life you desire
  • OUTCOME – A Vision Board that identifies what you want to focus on every day to live as you want
  • STYLE – Working session – exercises, sharing, feedback, being creative
  • TIME – 90 minutes to create your initial vision board

The workshop embraces several valuable approaches – Mindfulness, Positive Psychology and use of emotional intelligence.  The steps to create your very own vision board include:

  • Enabling you to be available in the present moment
  • Spending time being thankful for what you have,
  • Reflecting and being open to what is possible,
  • Writing down the positives that are in your life right now,
  • And only then, starting to identify what is on your wishlist that will form the basis for your Vision Board

Once we have passed through these key steps, we then identify the right medium  for you.  What  are the right images, drawings, photos and words for you?  With that understanding we can now capture your ideal future on your Vision Board.

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