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Boost the effectiveness in your job search

As part of my occasional series, I have another aspect of job search that often gets overlooked. Reality is most people looking for a new job are already in some type of personal transition – trying to adjust to experiences that are ending, and with their new situation yet to be established. This can be a […]

Developing Your Own Vision Board

I had lunch with a former colleague and now friend a few months back.  We were talking about how to help people achieve their goals, how any of us gets to a place that fulfills us.  She kindly suggested that I take a look at Vision Boards, and see if I could use them to […]

Music for Your Well-being

The stars should have aligned much earlier for me to produce a piece about music and wellbeing: First, it’s about music and that is so high up there in my priority list Second, it’s about neuroscience, and if you’ve read anything on this site, you’ll know my ongoing obsession with what we are learning from […]

Finding the Best Music from 2015

We are moving through January 2016, and it’s probably time to settle on my favorite music from 2015.  This is always a good time for me, as I’ve finally had the chance to digest all the new music I heard over the holidays.  For many years I have used email (and the occasional excursion into […]